In the panorama restaurant we can arrange parties up to 120 persons. In our other locations  it is possible for smaller parties to celebrate and have nice gatherings.In our new Panorama restaurant we offer you the nicest view of the inlet towards Hadsund and the rowing club, the sail club, ”Thygeslund” (a forestry, which is financially supported by the Carlsberg fund), ”Aa Mølle” (where you can 

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see the salmon steps from the road), ”Dania”, the salt factory and the deepest harbour of the inlet at ”Kongsdal”.

We can also offer versatile catering services, and we are glad to deliver ”total solutions” as well (that means we bring all the foo

d as well as all wine, waitresses, cook to do the carving and/or what else you require).

Apart from a big selection of dishes in our menu with specialities in fish and meat we have also made a special brochure for parties with delicious dishes, which can be combined as you please – and there are also complete menus and wine offers at very reasonable prices.

It would be a pleasure for us to send you a brochure to look through, if you are considering having a party of any kind.