The inn has a big wine cellar with a selection of wines from all over the world. There is a room for tasting and a room for storage, in which it is possible to choose the preferred type of wine.

Food and wine are followers, and the better you combine them the better the pleasure and harmony in the tasting experience.

Our wine card presents a broad selection of wines from all over the world and can be studied in the restaurant. The prices are balanced with the quality of the wines – and there is something for every taste and wallet. It is definitely possible to have a really nice wine experience for a reasonable price.

Our wine counter gives you the possibility to have a inexpensive taste of very exclusivewines.

In our wine cellar we can arrange small and very impressive wine tasti.

I vinkælderen kan der arrangeres små stemningsfulde vinsmagninger, der tilpasses efter kundens ønsker.

Vores vinbuffet, vinarrangementer og smagninger giver desuden mulighed for ind imellem at smage dyre vine billigt.